Sunny Sunday

Posted On January 2, 2011

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Don’t let the sunshine in Minnesota today fool you.  It’s cold.  Single digit temperatures.  If you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s not that bad.  Snowed a little yesterday and now the brown snow is white again.  I like that part.  We had ice pellets the other day and the snow covered them.  Now it’s a bit slippery out there.  John shoveled a path for me to the garage and put down some sand and salt for traction.  Thanks, John.  You’re the best.  Back to work tomorrow. I’ve been off for five days.  It was a nice break for me and I got a lot of things done at home.  My stamp area is all cleaned up and organized.

We started a new Sunday School session today.  It goes through February.  We’re watching a DVD series on communication.  The most profound thing I took away from it this morning is that our words belong to the Lord.  We need to be careful what we say because everything we say is the Lord’s.  It’s not true that sticks and stones will break your bones and names will never hurt you.  How many times have you been told something hurtful and years later you still remember it?  One thing that is true is God’s Word will never hurt you.  God’s Word is truth and will only make us better.  In the same way, our Sunday message was on I Corinthians 10:13.  God does not tempt us but will always make a way for us to bear whatever temptations come our way.  These messages are something to chew on all week until we meet again on next Sunday.


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