Week in Review

Posted On January 10, 2011

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Another week has passed me by.  Work is so, so busy I hardly look at the clock until I realize it’s over.  It’s been cold here but we dodged the snow . . . that is until tomorrow.  Execting a few inches in the next couple of days, which will be just enough to make the roads slippery.  That should be fun.

John and I went to the movies yesterday.  We saw the King’s Speech.  It was excellent.  True story of King George VI and his speech problems.  We’re sure it will win Oscars.  We also went to Archiver’s, well, I went to Archiver’s and John read the paper in the car.  I saw a recipe book there and the worker that made it helped me get the instructions.  It came from a blog she visited.  The original book was for Christmas, but she switched it to recipes.  I’m posting the pictures of the one I made.  It has pockets inside for you to put the recipe cards.  So much fun.

We ate dinner last night at Cracker Barrel.  There’s only one within 250 miles.  The one is not that far, only about 40.  Had the fried catfish, fried okra and sourdough bread.  It was the best.  The whole day was such a treat as it was all planned by John and I was completely surprised. 

Church was good today.  We had our Sunday School continuing to work on communication.  The church service was about idols.  Now, you wouldn’t think that would be relevant to us, but it really is.  There are so many idols of the heart.  You don’t have to have statues all over your house to have a problem with idols.  What about spending too much time watching TV or being too concerned about what people think of you?  What do you spend your time thinking about?  Do you think about what others have and you want?  It all comes down to submission and obedience from my perspective.  If my focus is on serving God and pleasing Him, then the focus is taken off of me and things.  I need to work on that.  How about you? 

Well, have a good week.  Be careful out there.  Here’s the pictures of the recipe book.


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