Using Stampin’ Up blender pens/foggy weather

Posted On February 5, 2011

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Here’s a link to a Stampin’ Up video on YouTube that shows an example of using blender pens and ink to color in a stamped project.  I use markers for this process too.  Put some marker color on a Styrofoam plate and dip the blender pen into it.  The ink does dry on the plate but when you dip the blender pen into it, it rehydrates.  You can use it over and over again.  You can use the blender pens with chalk too.  The chalk I have from Stampin’ Up comes in little squares.  If ou use the blender pens with the chalk, just dip the blender pen into the corner of the chalk.  Whatever is in the blender pen stays in the chalk and you will have to use that area of the square only with the blender pen.  I only use the chalk with the blender pen so it’s not a problem for me.

Let me know if this video was helpful.  Once you get to YouTube on this video, you can search for others like it.  I have learned a lot of techniques this way and also gotten many new ideas. 

As I look out the sliding glass door this morning, I see snow and fog.  Very white.  I do not plan to venture out today.  There are at least six loads of laundry to do and maybe I will get a little stamping done in between.  It was 33 degrees on the car thermometer yesterday and the sun was out.  I was wondering if I was still in Minnesota.  It’s supposed to turn very cold again next week.  Hopefully, the weekdays will be cold and the weekends will start to get warmer.

On Thursday, this coming week, I will be working with the students at our church Christian school.  During Art class, we will be stamping and making Valentine cards.  The Art teacher wants the students to learn how to stamp and also how to care for the stamps as far as cleaning them and storing them.  I am very excited about it . . . and it’s an excuse to take the day off from work.  What could be better?  Yeeha!



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