Update – May 18, 2013

Posted On May 18, 2013

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I have been posting all my pictures and comments on my Facebook page.  Unfortunately, there are many of you who are not on Facebook.  I am trying to post copies of my pictures here now so you can see them.  It will take a while to catch up.  Stick with me and keeping check back every week or so.  Once I get caught up with all the old stuff, I will start posting on this blog simultaneously with Facebook.

I am very happy the winter is over now.  Having snowstorms in April and May this year made me cranky.  The sun is out more now.  It’s light when I wake up in the morning.  That is important to me.  I do not think you should have to get up when it is dark.

Our pastor, Kraig Keck of Chisago Lakes Baptist Church, is preaching in the book of Mark right now.  We’re going slowly, but it’s great to really study what God has to say.  Our church has summer Bible studies in homes and that will begin shortly after the end of the school year.  This study this summer will be on Solomon.  John and I are looking forward to that one.  We also like the small groups that meet for these studies.  You have an opportunity to get to know people that you have not had the chance to spend time with.  They have several homes and you can choose the one closest to you.  Everyone is studying the same book so it’s really a church-wide event.

John and I are going to southern Minnesota next weekend for a couple of days.  We plan to see the new WWII airplane museum.  That should be quite interesting.  Will be home for church and then Memorial Day military event at the cemetery where John’s mom and dad are buried.  Hope the weather is good — at least it won’t snow — hopefully.


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